​​​​Mona Productions LLC.


We ponder. We innovate. We design. We amaze. 

We're an independent, creative new concept that looks beyond the confines of four walls and considers overall design. Applying many combined years of experience, our team patiently researches your needs, deeply considers your situation, pursues a creative solution, and expertly makes it real.

Every situation is unique. Every area is its own. Every setting deserves to be considered for its independence. Photo, Paint, Text, Graphic, Image -- we offer many options. Your need may require one or many. We take the time to consider your space and needs and craft an innovative design that is all you.

Mona productions is my creation after many years of working in fashion, photography, interior design, event planning and years of corporate experience.  Mona Productions represents the works of artist, florist, event designers to create your unique event.

Jose Portal is an amazing, talented Cuban Artist who’s inspiration from his Cuban heritage inspires him to create beautiful jewelry from recycled materials.  JP Creations is available here.  The collection is growing everyday.  Each piece is unique and never duplicated.  If you are having a special occasion you can have a meeting with the artist and he will create a special design created with you in mind.  

Adriana Hurtado, also a Cuban Artist, who’s vision in photography is inspired by her love for nature, abstract elements, the environment , art and people. Adriana along with Mona Productions has created an inventory of images from life events to create the perfect Wall-Art Canvas.  Her experience in event photography makes her uniquely qualified to capture your moment in time...your memories.

Take a ride, in this world of beautiful creations, our world filled with love and inspiration.